Statements of support

The Center on Young Adult Health and Development (CYAHD) 

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The Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health is pleased to support The Jed Foundation’s JED Campus Program.  Our Center is dedicated to improving our understanding of factors that impact college student health, mental health, academic success and development and to guide policy recommendations based on research. We see the JED Campus Program as an excellent complement to our work. The JED Campus Program, by helping campuses assess their mental health programming, providing feedback and technical assistance to aid in enhancing planning and programming,  and recognizing participating schools for their commitment to student mental health, will be a major step in informing schools about what we all have learned about what makes students healthier and more likely to succeed.

The Healthy Minds Study (PI: Daniel Eisenberg, Ph.D., University of Michigan School of Public Health)

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The JED Campus Program is an important effort to increase information and accountability regarding suicide prevention efforts at colleges and universities.  From our work in the Healthy Minds Study and other projects, our research team at Michigan has had an opportunity to gain a lot of information from the student surveys about suicide risk factors and related issues. The JED Campus Program will help fill in the picture of what campuses are doing to address suicide prevention and how efforts might be improved.

NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

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NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education is pleased to support the Jed Foundation’s JED Campus Program.  As the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession, NASPA members provide programs, experiences, and services that cultivate student learning and success.  The mental health and wellness of students are critical aspects to student’s completion of a college degree and the JED Campus Program will be an important tool that will provide customized feedback and technical assistance support to improve mental health programs and services.  The JED Campus Program will assist professionals build an evidence-based, institutional approach to mental health and suicide prevention.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

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NAMI supports The Jed Foundation’s JED Campus Program and its focus on the need for colleges and universities to effectively address mental health issues on their campuses and in their school community. NAMI sees great value in the JED Campus Program because it helps colleges and universities to assess their ability to meet the mental health needs of students, while focusing much needed attention on mental health promotion and suicide prevention. NAMI’s national survey of college students, released in November 2012, shows that students place a high priority on schools that recognize the importance of mental health in the well-being of their school community.  Students with our NAMI on Campus Club program often advocate for schools to provide better mental health services and supports. The JED Campus Program is vitally important to help guide colleges and universities in developing the programming and systems that ultimately enhance the health and well-being of students.  At a time when the nation is calling for broader awareness about mental health issues and access to services and supports, this initiative goes a long way toward helping institutions of higher education understand how to get there.

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

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As an organization that works to preserve, strengthen and expand mental health and addictions treatment and support capacity in this country, the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare enthusiastically supports The Jed Foundation’s JED Campus Program which assists colleges and universities in assessing, enhancing and implementing a campus-wide, comprehensive  approach to mental health promotion and suicide prevention.  With 20 million young adults in higher education in the U.S., it is essential that schools have the systems and programming on campus to promote and protect the mental health of students. By participating in the J ED Campus Program, institutions of higher education will be demonstrating a commitment to mental health on campus by engaging in a continual process of assessment, planning, and enhancement.

United Educators

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United Educators (UE), the nation’s leading liability insurer for colleges and universities, proudly supports the JED Campus Program. The goals of managing risk and preventing harm to students involve everyone on campus. The comprehensive Campus Program initiative is designed to change campus culture, policy, and practice in order to destigmatize mental health issues and create a positive, healthy, and safe environment for students. UE believes administrators would be well-served by participating in this targeted program as a means to effect positive change and support students as they navigate this important time in their lives.