About The Campus Program - Program Details


The Campus Program is designed to help colleges and universities promote emotional wellbeing and mental health programming, reduce substance abuse, and prevent suicide among their students.

When a school becomes a member of the Campus Program:


  • They commit to taking a confidential, self-assessment survey on their mental health promotion, substance abuse and suicide prevention programming.  Note: To submit the survey, the senior supervisor of the campus counseling services or student affairs department will need to provide an e-signature on the survey. It is recommended that the counseling services and student affairs staff work together to complete the survey.
  • The Campus Program team will review the survey responses in comparison to our outlined program areas for a comprehensive program on campus.* 
  • Based on these results, the school  will receive a feedback report and on-campus technical assistance (the level of technical assistance offered will be determined by the survey results and program capacity).
  • The school will commit to a participation term of 4 years, with an entrance, mid-term and end of term assessment survey. The submission cost for each survey is $650, for a total 4-year program cost of $1,950.**
  • Additionally, by participating the school will pledge to work toward continuous improvement in mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention programming.


In addition to the significant learning associated with taking the assessment and the value of technical assistance, colleges will also have access to benefits such as:

  • Demonstrating their commitment to supporting and improving their mental health and suicide prevention programs to their students, their families and alumni.
  • The ability to leverage the brands of The Jed Foundation and the Clinton Foundation as partners in their efforts.
  • Promotion and publicity in telling the stories of their accomplishments and achievements in on-campus mental health programming.
  • A membership seal to illustrate participation in the program.

After participating in The Campus Program for 1 year, a school is eligible to apply for The Campus Program Recognition.  This process will entail:

  1. Submitting an application that demonstrates how the school is meeting the recommended practice standards as identified in the program areas; including certifications, program metrics and results, and additional evidence of the programs outlined in the school’s self-assessment.
  2. After submission and evaluation by The Campus Program team, the school will be informed if they have earned recognition for their mental health, suicide prevention and substance abuse programming.

The Campus Program Team will release more information on this recognition and the application process in 2015. 


* Survey responses and feedback reports are all confidential.

** Schools participate at-will and can choose to be anonymous in the program or opt-out at any time. With anonymity, survey results will be aggregated and de-identified, as is the case with all Campus Program participants.